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Nuts, a basically pornographic magazine has seen its circulation fall by 22.5%.  Zoo has fallen by 32.1% and FHM by 19.2%.

Good riddance.  You’re going down fast and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m sick and tired of seeing these “things” on the shelves of our newsagents.  I can feel the anger rising up every time I see magazines like this for sale.  I particularly feel it when I walk into a shop with my daughters.  How dare they inflict this on my girls.  How dare they send out a message that all women are objects of lust.  And how dare they demean me or seek to corrupt me by blasting images into my brain that I don’t want there.

I’ll be brutally honest.  I’m praying that Bauer Media (owner of Zoo, a particularly pathetic title) and IPC Media go bust.  Okay, it will cost people their jobs but I’m a man at war.  Enough is enough.  Its all gone too far and as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to devote a significant amount of energy into trying to cause as much hassle for the publishers as possible.  Let me tell you porn peddlers, theres power in “them grass roots” and a lot of us blokes “ain’t happy”.

By the way, you girls can join in too.  Below this rant is a list of all the titles published by IPC media.  Don’t just moan about it, lets fight it.  If we are serious about the sexualisation of society and truly sick of it all, then lets all stop buying the magazines listed.

In addition theres a campaign taking place to make ‘modesty wraps” a legal requirement.  That means we wont have to put up with the assault on our vision every time we walk into the newsagents.  At least it will help until they go out of business.  Mike Beechams the man behind the campaign and you can sign the petition here; http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/25536

Oh, and a quick message to the cooperative chain of stores.  Show some courtesy and reply to the emails about the campaign.

Don’t buy these titles;

Amateur Gardening

Amateur Photographer

Anglers Mail (magazines)

Bird Keeper (magazines)

Chat (magazines)

Chat – It’s Fate (magazines)

Country Homes & Interiors (magazines)

Country Life (magazines)

Cycle Sport (magazines)

Cycling Weekly (magazines)

Decanter (magazines)

Essentials (magazines)

Eventing (magazines)

The Field (magazines)

4×4 (magazines)

Golf Monthly (magazines)

Volkswagen Golf+ (magazines)

Homes & Gardens (magazines)

Horse (magazines)

Horse and Hound (magazines)

Ideal Home (magazines)

InStyle (magazines)

International Boat Industry (magazines)

Livingetc (magazines)

Look (magazines)

Marie Claire (magazines)

Motor Boat & Yachting (magazines)

Motor Boats Monthly (magazines)

Motor Caravan Magazine (magazines)

Mountain Bike Rider (magazines)

NME (magazines)

Now (magazines)

Nuts (magazines)

Pick Me Up (magazines)

Practical Boat Owner (magazines)

Rugby World (magazines)

Shoot Monthly (magazines)

The Shooting Gazette (magazines)

Shooting Times (magazines)

Soaplife (magazines)

Sporting Gun (magazines)

Teen Now (magazines)

Total Golf (magazines)

TV & Satellite Week (magazines)

TV Easy (magazines)

TV Times (magazines)

25 Beautiful Gardens (magazines)

25 Beautiful Homes (magazines)

25 Beautiful Kitchens (magazines)

Uncut (magazines)

Uncut DVD (magazines)

VolksWorld (magazines)

Wallpaper* (magazines)

Wedding (magazines)

What Digital Camera (magazines)

What’s On TV (magazines)

Woman (magazines)

Woman and Home (magazines)

Woman’s Own (magazines)

Woman’s Weekly (magazines)

Woman’s Weekly Fiction (magazines)

World Soccer (magazines)

Yachting Monthly (magazines)

Yachting World (magazines)