About Carl

Carl Beech is UK based mission leader and pioneer. He gives leadership and direction to Edge Ministries, a charity reaching “forgotten people in forgotten places.” From planting churches “edge communities” to establishing Christ centred rescue hubs. He is also president of Christian Vision for Men (CVM).

Under his leadership at CVM he spoke to thousands of men around the world each year and saw CVM expand into a global movement working in countries as far afield as Cambodia.  Always a church planter he currently co leads a new church called Redeemer King in Chesterfield in his spare time.

  • Formerly a financial advisor, church planter, youth worker and senior pastor of a large multi-congregational church.
  • On the Councils formerly of the EA, and currently of Proclaim Trust, Fusion and Restored
  • Author of several books and founder of the Codelife movement
  • Founder of Sober Leader.
  • Founder and host of The Gathering, a major festival for men in the UK
  • Hosts the Shedtalk show on Premier Radio
  • Married to Karen for 21 years with two teenage daughters
  • Enjoys sporting challenges and has run the London, Snowdonia and Chesterfield Marathons, cycled from Lands End to John o’ Groats, Calais to Nice, the length of Italy and from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town.  In October 2017 he is cycling from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea.
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