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My podcast sparring partner Willmott debated our ten best and worst movies in our latest podcast… So, for your amusement I thought I would show you my list!

Top Ten;

1) Hunt for Red OCtober

2) Das Boot

3) Shawshank Redemption

4) Rocky 4/Top Gun

5) The Unforgiven/Fight Club

6) Deer Hunter

7) Empire Strikes BAck

8 ) God Father II

9) Saving Private Ryan

10) Blade Runner (directors cut)

My worst films were;

1) Any Musical

2) Rocky 5

3) Abba the movie

4) Love Actually

5) Battlefield earth…

Interestingly, Shawshank seems to appear in most blokes lists consistently. ¬†Theres something in that. ¬†Its not Die Hard or Rocky movies that keep appearing but a film with depth, sentiment and justice as strong themes…that ends with a really powerful message of “hope”….interesting that!

Listen to the podcast for all the banter!!!