Specific Talks and Consultancy

For any requests to speak or to arrange a meeting/consultation please contact the CVM office on 01246 271 713 or email pa@cvm.org.uk

As well as bible teaching, preaching and conference celebration talks I also offer seminars and consultancy.

Winning Men; A fun, punchy and strategic talk to help churches reach out to men. Delivered over the last 5 years at events such as New Wine, Spring Harvest, Bible Weeks, Bible colleges and many churches across the UK.

Gearing Church up for Men; A talk aimed at leaders and delivered as above, across the UK.

Leading through Change and managing conflict; Delivered to pastors and charity leaders across the UK and the Mainstream Baptist Conference.

Reaching the white working class; Delivered to different leadership groupings, particularly inner city and estate groups.

Church Planting: Specific talks and advice based upon extensive experience as a pioneer estate church planter, multi congregational senior pastor and church growth consultant.

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