codelife-unlocked_banner_320x150Codelife is a faith movement founded in 2010.  The manual is due out in May and there are already many resources and bible studies available for download.


  1. Dear Carl,
    I heard you speak at Faith Camp 2012. This was my very first time as a participant and I can say it changed my life. I was also blown away with your main presentation, as due to gender reasons I did not attend your workshop.

    I host a radio show every Friday evenings on BlogTalk Radio (EVE Radio Online) and in two weeks (19th October 2012), I intend to host a show about domestic violence; the prevention and interventions; the reasons why both men and women are perpetrators and the churchs’ position in relation to separation if this behaviour is going on within the marriage and finally can the church help to heal this behaviour and if so how?

    I am also looking for a self confessed perpetrator both/either male and female.

    Given your speech, I wondered if you would be able to Skype into the show and be a resident Christian Expert? I look forward to hearing from you.

    The EVE Project is supported by Lordship Lane Baptist Church (East Dulwich) – Pastor Ronnie Barham


    Delia Edwards-Julien
    The EVE Project

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