We’re heading for a scrap

April 6, 2013

Boxing-008We’re heading for a scrap. Announcing some developments.

A few years ago, before I was about to preach in a church, as is custom, I went into a back room to pray.  No one was in the room apart from an elderly lady.  After telling me that the room was for the preacher, and after explaining that was me, she then said this:-

“God’s just given me a picture.”

I find old women scary.  Old women with a gift of prophecy are frankly terrifying!  After repenting of all my sins, known and unknown I looked her in the eye, resigned to my fate and steadied myself.  This is what she said.

“You are in the woods, in fact you’re running through the woods and you’re scared.   You’re crouched over and carrying a rifle.  You’re running into battle and you’re scared because you think you are on your own.  However, you’re not.  I can see men; thousands of men all emerging from the woods and you are all armed.  Your enemy is waiting for you in a clearing and you are about to be joined in battle.  It’s going to be very tough and painful but you will win.”

With that, she stopped and started to pray for the morning meeting.

As for me, I was left shocked.  It was exactly what I felt and I had been praying hard that we would see a movement of men emerge all over the world that introduce men to Jesus.

The time has come for us to engage in the battle.   That’s our deep conviction at CVM. Over the last few years we have produced resources and run vision casting days for men who are followers of Jesus.  In 2014 onwards we will be taking the fight to the enemy,  right to the heart of his camp.  Men need to know their need for a saviour.  We intend to tell them in huge numbers via our grass roots network, social media, the Internet, resources and gatherings.  We need your prayers and we need a war chest.

Plans include:-

  • Developing a male specific version of an evangelistic website that has so far seen over 5 million people make decisions for Jesus.  This is unprecedented in its scope and scale and is a huge piece of work.  We have global partners for this project which will be an awesome resource for men everywhere
  • An evangelistic tour linked to a website and giveaway resource featuring testimonies captured in a cutting edge media format
  • Advocacy on the issues that numb and blunt the ability of men to share their faith, such as pornography
  • Recruiting and deploying more men’s groups, area coordinators, speakers and leaders

We are determined and focussed – and intend to fight hard.  We need more people giving to our cause.  In fact we need another 400 men to give £20.00 a month.  We have over 8000 men plugged into CVM and just under 700 regular givers.  In order to ramp up the fight we need to build the war chest and keep the supply lines open. Could you help us?  The Internet project alone, which could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of men needs initial funding of over £25,000.  We’re not holding back.  There’s no rehearsal time.  Lets do this.  Lets go! (Matthew 28:19)

Thanks so much for standing shoulder to shoulder with us.

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