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November 18, 2011

Top Tips for Staying Spiritually Fit

At some point in his life, certainly by the 1630’s and after a period of personal crisis and depression, Oliver Cromwell had experienced an epiphany and embraced a Puritan lifestyle. By 1642 they had taken an axe to the organ at Worcester cathedral and England was at war.

He was a man of intensity in most things and would pray for hours and lived a rigidly disciplined life. I like the discipline but I’m not sure about austerity. Here’s some tips for staying on track with Jesus without becoming an organ destroying Puritan.

1) Get Romans 12 under your skin. The principles work and will keep you sane.

2) Do what you need to do to get praying and getting the bible into your DNA. For some that means a fixed time of prayer and reading but that’s not the only way. Do what works for you; Make lists for prayer and keep copies everywhere. In the toilet, in your wallet, by the tv, by the whiskey bottle… Use objects if necessary. I used to use beads (and I’m no hippy) and each bead was an issue or a person. As I touched each one I would sling a prayer up. If you swim, make each length a prayer, if you smash weights, make each lift a prayer…that gives you some focus! Grunt it out… Get fit and get praying.

3) Make it a goal to memorise chunks of the bible. It doesn’t matter if for a season you read the same bit over and over. During one time of struggle all I read was Psalm 139. I know it off by heart now.

4) Get a language of praise into your life. For people as well as God. Make thankfulness the first thought not complaint (which is the language of the world…listen in to the conversations around you and you’ll see what I mean).

5) Get some disciplines going. A week without TV. A dry month. Take on a challenge for a season that will get you healthy (a fun run, half marathon, diet…) Healthy body equals a healthy mind equals a healthy walk with Jesus.

6) Do stuff that makes you laugh.

7) Be generous (really generous) with your money and your time and don’t expect anything back…you’ll get disappointed. Learn how to serve others without condition.

8) Dont think too highly of yourself. We are all Gods kids, get over it.

9) Mix with people you wouldn’t instinctively mix with. It’s good for your heart and soul and you may make some surprising friends.

10) Don’t take yourself too seriously but take Gods mission and purposes really seriously.

Any other tips, chuck ’em in.

Deo Optimo Maximo.



  1. Ben Thorp says:

    Truly wise words.

  2. Nick says:

    Great thoughts Carl – plus you got me laughing at point 8 which got automatically transformed into a smiley with sunglasses!

  3. tc says:

    My tip? Seize the day. Surprising what opportunities God throws your way.

  4. Don Egan says:

    Excellent post Mate! Love the “realness” of it!

  5. Jon Butler says:

    Great thoughts Carl. Loving point 2. Man after my own heart (by the whiskey bottle) 🙂

  6. Steve Wright says:

    All good comments and don’t forget keeping company with God’s people regularly
    Iron sharpens Iron and you encourage the local church of God.

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