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September 23, 2013


I had a fantastic week of travels two weeks ago and met a number of fantastic leaders and men.

First stop was in Whitehaven (Cumbria) where I spoke on reaching working class men with the gospel.  I met a very dedicated group of people who had decided to move the church out of the town centre and onto a needy estate nearby.  Not many churches doing that!  In the evening I spoke to leaders and church members from around the area about the gospel and culture…and how we connect the two.

Then it was all about Scotland.  Firstly I met Rob Waller of Mind and Soul in Livingstone.  Rob is a consultant psychiatrist and committed follower of Jesus.  Emotional and mental health in men is something I’m really interested in, particularly in the alarming number of suicide victims who are men.  I was so struck by what Rob had to say that I’ve asked him to speak at our CVM training day in Feb and I hope also at The Gathering next year.

Finally it was all about Scotland.  Firstly A pit stop in Falkirk and a quick tour of the Royal Yacht in Edinburgh (seeing how the other half lived).  Picking up CVM Scotland Director Stephen, we went up to Inverness to speak at a men’s day there, organised by the Alive team.  I have to say it was a fantastic day and gives me great hop for our work across Scotland.  The urgent need now is to raise funds so that we can deploy a team to carry the work forward.

All in all a great week of travel.  There’s a huge amount going on out there in the world of men’s ministry.  My hope is to give you some snap shots from time to time so that you get a feel for the movement as it grows.


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