A call to Christian Men.

December 29, 2012

Be known in this life for the way you give, not the way you take.
Live generously in word and deed.
If you lend anything, do it as if you will never get back what you lent
Travel lightly through life, holding nothing material too tightly
Only hold tight your family, the people you call “friend”
Your faith in God.

Be known for being a man of justice, not blind to the needs of the world
Be compassionate
Be kind to your fellow man, make mercy and justice your traveling companions
Seek to do what is good, resist evil, never allow hatred of men a root in your life.
Only hate and despise that which imprisons mens hearts
And takes them on a road to hell

Love your family and treasure moments, enjoy friendships
Spend more time with people
Always give people the benefit of the doubt and believe the best
Be prepared to get hurt, walk humbly, live vulnerably
Guard your heart, keep it soft and never let it harden
Or your enemy wins

Work hard but don’t make work your master
Leader or follower you are a servant
Whatever you do, you do before an audience of one
Be diligent, honest, respectful and known as a man who finishes the task
Take criticism well, listen and take advice
Or you’ll fall into error

You’ll one day breathe your last breath
Live life in readiness for the final journey
Keep God close, walk in repentance before Him
Make sure you are at peace with all men
Point others to the place where you are heading
When that time comes, if your heart is right and you are walking with the King
You will receive a faith heroes welcome

Carl Beech 12/12

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