October 28, 2011

According to some major research by Tear Fund in 2010, an astonishing 75% of men are either antagonistic or apathetic towards the Christian Faith. This is quite a compelling statistic as it gives us some key messages as well as leave us with a bit of a quandary;

If there are 30 million men in the UK (give or take the odd million), this means that there are around 7.5 million men in the UK that are warm to the gospel.

This means that CVM’s target of seeing 1 million UK men come to faith in Jesus isn’t laughable or unrealistic.

Chillingly we don’t know what the split is between apathy and antagonism for the remaining 22.5 million. This is important. Give me antagonism anytime. Apathy scares the life out of me. If someone getting ratty about the gospel it seems to me there is more hope.

Perhaps there is hope for Dawkins after all?


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